This Dodge Challenger Hellcat owner was absolutely cooking it at 158 MPH when he slowed down to get pulled over.

When you know you’re speeding and you pass a state trooper on your right hand side, you’d better pull over instead of trying to run from the police. That’s exactly what this Indiana man did. According to the good people at the Chicago Tribune on their report on a most peculiar traffic stop they dropped earlier yesterday (Apr. 7, 2017) this man was going more than twice the posted speed limit when he finally reigned himself in. Check out a couple pictures of the cop’s speeding radar as well as a few photos of the car that he was in. It’s not the exact same car but you’ll understand why he was going so fast when we post what was under the hood.

Hellcat Engine

Parked in the dark at a mile marker the state trooper probably knew this was a popular place for cars to be speeding so late at night. At approximately 1:51 A.M. a black coupe going at a “high-rate of speed” passed him before promptly hitting his brakes. The trooper gave chase but not before taking a photo of his speed radar probably for proof but more to show his buddies back at the station.

According to the report he simply wanted to show his friend’s what a 707 HP car is capable of and he thought that the Indiana Toll Road where he was caught was the safest place to do this.

In a bit of a tearjerker move Garza then stated that his passenger, a returned injured service member, loved cars as much as he does and he simply wanted to take his mind off things for a minute. And it’s not like he hasn’t taken his car up to triple digit speeds before as he’s gotten the Hellcat up to 184 on a drag-strip.  When asked if it was worth it he simply said

“…my buddy had a great time last night and that’s all that matters to (him).”

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat is one serious piece of machinery. With an MSRP barely touching $60,000 they can be had for not all that much money. And with a verified top speed of 204 MPH, it’s hard to expect owners to go the speed limit. 70 MPH might as well be crawling.

We can crucify this owner for being a dimwit but it’s hard to hate a person who just wanted to help out his fellow vet. We’d probably suggest he invest in a radar detector the next time he goes out and possibly consider just sticking to the racetrack.


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