This monster truck pulled off an epic freestyle run that included a reverse front end stoppie.

You’ve got to hand it to these monster truck drivers for performing day-in and day out while pulling off some epic stunts in the process. According to Monster Jam on their most recent video they shared earlier this weekend (Apr. 8, 2017) Son-Uva digger pulled off an epic freestyle that included a one-of-a-kind trick that demonstrates just how much skill these guys have. Check out the freestyle run below and fast forward to 2:35 for the beginning of the trick below.

Son-Uva digger starts out his run with some run of the mill jumps complete with engine revs that would wake the dead. One minute in and we catch a glimpse as this truck and driver’s deft handling with Son-Uva digger balancing on one side. His soft suspension setup allows his truck to bounce but keeps his overall balance. At two minutes in we catch Son-Uva digger pull off a back flip thanks to a wall strategically placed.  Then, after another epic jump, Son-Uva digger lands on one side, teeters to the other side, but still manages to keep it together.

The fun starts at 2:35 where Son-Uva digger lands on his two front wheels then hits reverse staying upright. It doesn’t end there with the driver slamming the side of his truck onto a ramp and before tipping over, hitting the gas, and rebalancing the entire truck like he knew what he was doing. By the end of his run, the entire crowd was on their feet and he’d won the entire shebang.

In our search for this video we did come across another video that might be of interest to you, it’s the Carrier Dome being filled with dirt in a quick little timelapse shot by a local newspaper. You can check out that video below.

Driving Monster Trucks requires an incredible amount of skill. And with a schedule of events that runs literally every weekend, the concentration required to pull off these kinds of stunts on a regular basis doesn’t get the attention and applause it deserves. Hat tip to these brave drivers.


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