Honda’s most powerful production Civic, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R, was spotted in the woods of California.

It’s hard to stay inconspicuous if you’re driving Honda’s fastest Civic. With a rear spoiler jutting out into the sky and a front end design meant to make a base model Civic look like a lump of clay in comparison, you’re going to stick out. According to Zach Herder and his post on Reddit’s /r/cars community earlier today (Apr. 10,2017), this production model 2017 Honda Civic Type R was running around the woods of California in full production garb. Knowing that he was on camera, the driver gave it the full beans as the Type R accelerated around the corner. The video is only 22 seconds long but it’s the first official sighting of the Type R since its debut a little over a week ago on U.S. shores. Check out the short video below.

Not much more can be gleaned from this video then what we already know. For one we can see that the turning radius of the Civic Type R is quite tight. Carrying over from the FK2 Euro Spec Type R is an all new dual-axis front suspension setup with aluminum lower and steering knuckles for improved limit cornering.

The sound of the Civic Type R as it speeds away is a bit lackluster, to be honest. Then again we’re pretty sure that this Type R isn’t in full-on race mode with all three exhaust pipes open for business. Since this is Honda’s first turbo-engine in a Civic, the natural characteristics of a turbo engineered for the consumer market means it overall sounds tame at full throttle. Honda has integrated a third exhaust pipe that’s rumored to be an unmuffled exhaust that opens up under only certain conditions. With most of the exhaust going through the left and right muffled exhaust tips, we aren’t hearing just how loud this 2.0L can get.

For a hint at what it’ll sound like at full clip, check out their ad below. Do yourself a favor and skip fifty seconds ahead to hear all the loud noises.


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