A couple of drug runners didn’t get pulled over for having drugs but because they were on their cell phones instead.

This is probably the only time you’ll see police on social media actually tell you to stay on your cell phone while in traffic. These knuckleheads for drug runners couldn’t let old habits die hard and kept using their cellphones while driving in a van full of drugs. According to Oakland CHP on their post earlier today (Apr. 10,2017) it was a simple cell phone violation that cost these drug runners more than $1M and hundreds of pounds in illegal marijuana. Check out their posts on social media below!

The cell phone violation stop happened like any other stop for this CHP officer. Only when another car decided to park his car in front of the police officer did things get interesting. Placed strategically so that the van could get away, the van full of drugs attempted to run from police. Both vehicles were eventually caught. Within the van was 200 pounds of weed with an additional 8 pounds in the car.

After an investigation running their identity, the occupants of the van and car were connected to a series of storage units nearby. Within the storage units was more than $1M in cold, hard cash and an additional 100 pounds of weed. Everything was confiscated and locked up as evidence.  As this is a continuing investigation the police might’ve only found the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Since the new year, it has become illegal under most circumstances to even have your hand on your phone while your car is turned on or in motion. That means even at a stop light, your hand must be off your phone. Up until that point as long as you weren’t talking on your phone you were fine with the dead giveaway being the phone up to your head. Now, even checking your Facebook is grounds for being pulled over.

Hopefully, these miscreants have learned a valuable lesson to stay off all electronic devices especially when you’re vehicle is chock full of weed.


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