Lincoln Motor Co. took to twitter to tease what their 2018 Lincoln Navigator will look like.

It’s been more than ten years since Lincoln unveiled a Navigator on an all-new platform. Even though the mid-cycle refresh brought the front end design in-line with its current lineup, the 2015 F-series, and its aluminum revolution heralded a new age for Ford’s SUV’s. Now the wait is almost over. According to Lincoln Motor Co. off their official twitter earlier today (Apr. 10, 2017) Lincoln officially teased the newest generation Lincoln Navigator ahead of the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Check out that tweet below!

It’s no secret that we only have to look over at the newly redesigned 2018 Ford Expedition to get a heads up on what to expect. Graft on the front end design seen on the rest of their lineup on the 2018 Ford Expedition and you’re 80 percent there. It’s that other 20 percent that has us on edge in anticipation.

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So no we won’t see the huge gullwing doors that stole the show when the concept debuted nor the “concertina” staircase, but expect to see an elegant headlight design, slim tailpipes out back, and Lincoln’s signature grille. And is Lincoln hinting at a light-up emblem ala Mercedes? More so, we’ll be interested to see how Lincoln addresses the interior, a strong suit for the brand.

Look to Ford to continue to offer their 3.5 L twin-turbo V6 that’s good for a 20 HP bump over its predecessor. Paired to this Navigator might be Ford’s new 10-speed automatic also found on the 2018 Ford Expedition. Like the Expedition the Navigator will benefit from 300 pounds of weight savings thanks to aluminum being incorporated into Ford’s T1 platform which derives its lineage from Ford’s P552 platform found on the 2015 Ford F150.

As of right now when it’s not the holidays it looks like Cadillac’s Escalade outsells the Lincoln Continental 2:1. According to Good Car Bad Car, Cadillac sold 1,648 Escalades while Lincoln managed to sell 897 Navigators. Ever since Cadillac announced its redesigned Cadillac in 2014, Lincoln has been playing catch-up in the full-size luxury SUV market.

With a recent resurgence from Lincoln as of late with an increase in U.S. sales of 10 percent across the board, this new Navigator will surely add to Lincoln’s cachet as a premium luxury brand. We expect Lincoln to carry out the same amount of care and customer service afforded to its Navigator customers as much as its Continental customers are discovering.

The 2018 New York International Auto show kicks off on the 14th and runs through the 23rd. We’ll keep you updated on what the new Navigator looks like as soon as news drops.


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