Emerson’s Fittipaldi EF7 GTR has been given the green light and a little over a dozen will find homes in the United States.

Living Brazilian racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi recently unveiled his magnum opus at the Geneva Motor show this past March but now we have word that the project has been given the green light to produce over 39 units of this bespoke supercar. According to Automotive News on their update on this unique supercar (Apr. 8,2017) Fittipaldi expects more than half of the 39 units to end up in the hands of American buyers. Check out a couple of photos of this shark inspired Pininfarina designed supercar below!

Fittipaldi Motors is based in Coral Gables, FL and happens to be the residence of Emerson Fittipaldi and his family.

“The company is American. It’s where I live. It’s where my family lives. We want to concentrate on the U.S. market,”

Even though the EF7 GTR hasn’t been given street legal status and is only meant for on-track use, you’d better believe Fittipaldi is looking into making these cars legal for driving on regular roads.

With a design like this and only 39 ever made, we’re assuming one of the top priorities of its owners will be to one-up their friends and show off a unique Pininfarina design they simply can’t have. If the front end design reminds you of a shark you’re not imagining things. Fittipaldi entrusted Pininfarina to give it a sleek, shark-like design.

Powering this beautiful beast will be a 4.8L naturally aspirated V8 making at least 600 HP. The German motor company HWA AG was tapped for the honors. HWA has ties closely with AMG’s Mercedes team in DTM and has a long history of racing that goes back decades so expect this engine to shine. Paired to the V8 will be a sequential gearbox. Weighing in at just a smidge over a ton, this will definitely be a supercar capable of hanging with the big boys.

Priced at $1.5 million a piece, that price includes driving instruction from Fittipaldi himself. We’re guessing wants you to be a good steward to his baby.

When we say this car is coming to your nearest Cars and Coffee we mean it. If you want to be the king of the lot you’ve got to bring in some rare breeds. Having one of 39 of something should do the trick.


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