This Mitsubishi Eclipse owner donated her Mitsubishi Eclipse rolling shell free of charge to a fellow DSM enthusiast after she lost her car in a fire.

Whether you like to admit it or not what we work on and own is a reflection of who we are and what we attach our identities too. After one DSM enthusiast lost her car in a fire, another DSM enthusiast stepped up and offered to give up her own rolling shell free of charge to replace the burnt down car. According to Jax Goad on her facebook post she publicly shared earlier this week (Apr. 9, 2017) she’s donating her backup car at no cost to her good friend Nichole no strings attached. We’d be remiss to not mention that a share from Rob Dahm has tremendously helped in spreading the word.

According to the GoFundMe page that started up shortly after, we get the full story as to what happened. It seems Nichole’s neighbor started a fire on a windy day with an errant spark carrying over to Nichole’s house. Multiple cars were lost in the resulting fire including Nichole’s 2nd generation Mitsubishi Eclipse.

After hearing the news of Nichole’s huge loss, I decided I would rather give the car to her than sell it to someone who would probably wrap it around a tree. I know she’ll take care of it and build it back into a big, bad track beast.

The only problem is that Jax lives in California and Nicole lives in Pennsylvania. Due to her rolling shell not having the ability to move under its own power, the cost to ship the shell costs more than if it could move, thus the GoFundMe page.

As of right now, $325 has been raised of the $1700 needed to ship the car with the campaign trending.

It’s always awesome to see people helping others in the car community regardless of if they’ve met each other or not. Hopefully, Nichole gets back on her feet sooner rather than later and we see Jax’s shell on the road with a replacement engine.


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