A beachgoer happened to catch the terrifying moment a landslide practically rained debris on cars parked below.

When a parking sign says, “park at your own risk” we now know exactly what that sign means. According to a video submitted to ABC news earlier this week (Apr. 10,2017) a beachgoer got the shock of his life when he saw dirt on a cliff shifting above parked cars as he whipped out his phone just in time. Check out that awesome little video he submitted below!

If you check the historical weather records for that day wind speeds reached up to 20 MPH for several hours during the later parts of the afternoon. Mix high wind speeds with the inevitable land erosion that occurs over time and you have an increased chance for landslides.

The parking lot in Zuma beach faces the ocean on one side and a seaside cliff on the other as illustrated in this photo here. Five seconds into the video is when all the excitement happens with the cliff eroding away in real time in massive chunks. Unfortunately, for any cars parked below, the owners would’ve returned to their paint heavily scratched and panels dented. Keen eyes will notice a Subaru wagon who pulled out just in time to witness the destruction.

We’re sure that those who suffered any damage can submit this video to their insurance as proof that the damage was indeed an act of God. We’d be curious to see what the law says about parking underneath a seaside cliff and whether or not a someone who suffered damage would even have an insurance claim by parking in such a precarious situation.

As an aside, with beachfront properties hovering in the $2.5-5M price range for a home in that area, that might be some of the most expensive dirt to hail from the sky.

And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the smattering of California lingo that’s both common to the region and family safe including such phrases like, “Holy sugar” and “Wow, wow, that might be better than the whales.”


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