It’s hard enough getting any information on when the Civic Type R will be for sale but this Honda sales rep says “DM me to get one asap without a markup.”

Whether you like the new 2017 Honda Civic Type R or not, one thing is for sure, dealers know that this car is in high demand and are hankering to slap a giant markup over MSRP to take advantage of Honda’s limited allocation. Some rumors are floating around that Honda is allowing $10,000 over MSRP if you’re a lucky dealer that lands one. According to our Honda friends over at Temple of VTEC on their post earlier today (Apr. 18,2017) at least one Honda sales bro isn’t out to take advantage of this popular car and is willing to sell you their allotted one 2017 Honda Civic Type R for M.S.R.P., no strings attached.

Honda Civic Type R
2017 Honda Civic Type R
Honda Civic Type R
2017 Honda Civic Type R

If you didn’t already know the difference, there’s the invoice price, MSRP (a.k.a. sticker price) and the dealership markup price. The invoice price is what the dealer pays for the car straight from Honda. The MSRP is the manufacturer suggested retail price that ensures a dealership profits upon sale of the car (usually in the 2-3 percent range but it depends.) And the marked up price is a sticker price with a significant increase over MSRP that a common buyer would consider exploitive.

According to TOV user and starter of the thread titled “Black 2017 Honda Civic Type R FK8 for sale,”

We don’t mark our cars over sticker, we don’t add $6,000 in accessories and we don’t cover it with Rust, Dust and fake protectants.

$1,000.00 non refundable deposit. No front plate bracket will be put on the car. We will do the pre delivery inspection and leave all the plastic on the seats and the car if you don’t want our detail department to touch it.

Although this sale seems to be limited to TOV forum members only, if you’re privy to this sale, we’re sure Andrew will let you in on the deal. All a prospective CTR buyer has to do is reply to his post via private message and details will be worked out over cellphone and e-mail.

Located in Clevland Heights, Ohio, Motorcars Honda seems to be a legit Honda dealership and forum members seem to be vouching for “Andrew AFVM” so we’re taking his word on the authenticity of this deal.

Although Honda has announced officially in its press release that the 2017 Honda Civic Type R will be available for sale in late spring, a couple of reps at recent auto shows have let slide that really Honda has plans to allocate CTR’s to dealerships sometime in June. No pricing has been announced but some predict the 2017 Honda Civic Type R to land in the $35,000 range.

The 2017 Honda Civic Type R will be the first Type R-Badged Honda available in the United States. Sporting a turbocharged inline-four good for 306 HP and 295 lb–ft and complete with major chassis and suspension upgrades, the 2017 Honda Civic Type R marks its place as the halo car of the 10th gen Civic lineup.

Props to you Andrew for being an upstanding salesman and understanding that some fans of the brand want to buy a Civic Type R with minimal drama.


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