POV video shows what it’s like picking up your exotic Ferrari 458 Italia from a common police impound lot. 

One minute you’re cruising along on city streets in your Ferrari 458 with the windows up and music blasting and the next minute you’re pulled over in a parking lot with guns drawn pointed at you and your car. As per Gumball Team Anime’s post earlier yesterday (Apr. 18,2017) because the police impounded his Ferrari 458 after towing it, the owner got to film what it was like picking up his exotic from a city-approved impound lot with his Ferrari smack dab in the middle of everyday cars. The resulting video is a bit surreal to be honest. Check out that video below!

According to Team Anime, he was arrested in Harris County, Texas earlier this weekend for speeding and evading arrest. Unfortunately, with his windows up, music blasting, a small rear-view mirror and a huge carbon fiber wing blocking his rear vision, he couldn’t exactly hear or see the siren and blues and reds of the police asking him to pull over.

Initially, the police were downright hostile with guns drawn pushing the owner to the ground, but after they ran his record and did a quick search of who the owner was on Instagram, his situation improved, although they still ended up towing his car.

They arrested me and towed my car. The first 2 tow drivers were too scared to try and tow the car and refused – not wanting to take the liability of touching it.

As they ran my record and started looking at my Instagram – they realized they had pinned me as the wrong guy. Clean record- crazy life. Then they started being cool-ER. Allowing me to use my phone, letting me help the 3rd tow driver figure out how to lift my car etc.


You’d think the police would’ve towed his car back to police HQ or place his one-off Ferrari in a special parking facility but you’d be mistaken. Instead, they towed his Ferrari 458 to a run-of-the-mill tow yard and parked it with the rest of Harris County’s miscreant vehicles,t hat includes your everyday Hondas, Toyotas and crashed domestics.

We have to admit, watching the POV video was priceless. One second you’re looking at a bunch of salvage titled imports and all of a sudden you see Team Anime’s exotic just sitting there.

We’re happy to report that Team Anime and their Ferrari are once again reunited and on the road. We’re sure that he’ll keep at least one window cracked and the volume of his audio system turned down just a hair the next time he goes for his weekend cruise.


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