Even Taxi’s need a bit of aftermarket love. Yokohama has released a special tire just for taxi use. 

Every car enthusiast worth their salt knows that the right tire can mean the difference between a bad driving experience for the next couple thousand miles or a superior handling machine. This is even more evident for people who drive for a living, including Taxi drivers. As per Yokohama’s press release they dropped earlier this week (Apr. 19,2017) Yokohama introduced a new tire designed to handle the rigors and special requirements that Taxis (in Japan at least) go through.

A Taxi tire must have sufficient grip for safety, must last longer than a normal tire, and should be economical with decent rolling resistance. Dubbed the Taxi Touring 898, it looks like Yokohama is poised to address all three of these issues and dominate the Taxi tire niche. We’ve posted what this new tire looks like below.

Yokohama Taxi Touring
Taxi Touring 898

Typically there’s a tradeoff between superior grip and longevity in wear resistance. If you have more grip you technically have wear resistance lessened as a tradeoff. According to Yokohama, this new compound has the best of both worlds.

A dedicated compound that has both wear resistance performance and grip performance is adopted.In addition, the “Mound Profile” which has an arcuate cross-sectional shape that is optimized for uneven wear, adopted for the flagship tire “ADVAN Sport V105” for passenger cars and minivans, “BlueEarth RV – 02” for low fuel consumption tires for crossover SUV Also equipped.

If there’s a tire in Yokohama’s arsenal that’s worth gleaning some technology from it’s their Advan Sport V105. Found on OEM applications like the Audi A7 and the Nissan 370Z, these tires are special hot weather tires meant to have superior grip over a wide range of applications.

And as for Yokohama’s Blueearth technology, a reported 10 percent increase in MPG was found during an independent fuel consumption test when compared to a standard tire.

Combining the two technologies should be a winning combination, a combo that taxi drivers should find pleasing to their driving experience and budget.

Tire technology, specifically taxi spec tires may not be the most scintillating of subjects but tires are honestly the most important modification one can make. If these new Taxi spec tires work out well for Japanese taxi drivers perhaps this new tire can carry over to its consumer market as well.


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