“Footage” has come to light pulled from a wrecked Tesla Model S that caught the nation’s attention back last year. 

Earlier last year, Michelle Scott, wife of Bill Scott, shared a story on Tesla’s official blog on how a Tesla Model S saved her husband’s life. It looks like the wrecked Tesla was sold for parts and Jason Hughes, the new owner of the Tesla-for-parts, was able to extract footage that captured the wreck. According to our friends over at Electrek earlier yesterday (Apr. 19,2017) the “footage” pulled confirms Bill’s story and shows the fateful moment that Tesla’s structural integrity was put to the test. Check out that footage below!

In the footage pulled you can make out, due to the slow frame rate capture of the Tesla Model S camera, that Bil Scott’s situation turned from bad to worse in a matter of seconds. According to the original blog post on Tesla’s site,

Bill was going about 30 miles an hour in typical late afternoon, Baltimore Washington metro traffic. It’s a route he takes every day, and it backs up in the same spots every day. A box truck, clearly not familiar with this regular traffic phenomenon, rear-ended Bill at full speed. The force of that pushed Bill’s model S Tesla into a tractor-trailer that was hauling two jet engines. From there he spun into another SUV. The median finally stopped him.

The resulting shell of a car that remains was quite indicative of the amounts of energy that Bill Scott could’ve suffered. Thankfully, Bill was able to walk away from the crash with his life.

If you’re wondering why the footage seems so slow, it hasn’t been confirmed by Tesla, but it looks like Tesla will store a couple of frames of footage immediately before and after an incident which can be used to aid or prove wrong allegations made for or against Tesla. We’re sure there are legality issues with a camera recording at storing footage without the owner’s consent.

This footage shows how normal your drive can be going one-second and how ugly things can turn out. Modern day cars are meant to crumble and absorb as much energy as possible while distributing that energy away from its occupants and the passenger cell.  In this poignant case, the Tesla Model S did its job.

This is in stark contrast to some stories as of late where the Tesla Model S was the cause and not the hero of a crash.


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