An Australian Dash Cam owner showed just how dangerous driving tired can be. 

With no alcohol or drugs involved, drowsy driving is one type of driving that police have no control over.yetDrowsy driving is something that most Americans do and is just as dangerous, if not more so than intoxicated driving. According to the latest video shared by our Aussie friends from Dash Cam Owners Australia earlier¬†yesterday (Apr 30, 2017) this dash cam owner’s video shows just how dangerous drowsy driving can be. If you didn’t know who caused the accident and was given the video with no context, it would be downright difficult to pinpoint who’s actually driving drowsy in the 25 seconds before the crash. Check out the video below and let us know how you combat distracted driving in the comments below!

First, the owner of the dash cam fessed up to how idiotic and careless he was,¬†“Tired and distracted drivers are idiots. I was an idiot. Don’t be like me.” The lead-up to the crash had all the right ingredients for an accident. The driver was drowsy, the route wasn’t particularly engaging, and the sun was setting putting the brain in a state of relaxation more akin to taking a nap then concentrating on the road. Then it happens, while the other cars slow down for the lights, Daniel, the driver, plows into the car in front of him at full speed.

Right before impact, we can clearly hear him take in a breath of air a.k.a. yawn. Although we can’t blame the car’s dimly lit braking lights, the Holden Commodore’s poorly functioning tail lamps certainly didn’t help. A fraction of a second before impact we can hear the driver slam on the brakes to mitigate the speeds he hits the Holden but it’s a little too late.

In a perfect world you wouldn’t drive drowsy, but, if for some reason you realize you actually are driving drowsy, first and foremost you should find the nearest exit or rest station and pull over to rest your eyes for a quick nap. We’d be remiss to not mention some tried and true techniques for situations where you literally can’t pull over like a long two-lane bridge etc.

  • Loud music you enjoy and can sing along to.
  • If you’ve got a passenger, ask them to throw on a podcast you enjoy.
  • Open the window and freeze your bum off, make it too uncomfortable to doze off.
  • Slap yourself and slap yourself hard.
  • Last but not least, caffeine. Energy drinks, coffee, and the like should help you stay awake if you have them readily available.

Don’t put yourself into positions or start bad habits where you end up driving drowsy. It’s just bad driving.


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