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This VW Jetta Got Stuck On A Rock AT EDC And No Claimed It

EDC Jetta
VW Jetta stuck on a rock

Someone managed to wedge this relatively mint looking V.W. Jetta onto a rock.

If you drive around in the Nevada desert without paying attention, you’re going to have a bad time. This Volkswagen Jetta driver found that out the hard way when he (or she) managed to wedge his car on top of a boulder in the middle of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway parking lot. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol Southern Command on their posts on social media, troopers responded to traffic backing up at the festival’s exit as people got out of their vehicles to snap a shot of this strange impromptu art piece/ one-man traffic accident that sprung up overnight.

Troopers were called to this scene this morning. The driver of this vehicle leaving #edc decided to drive onto a rock. Traffic was backing up from fellow revelers stopping to take pics of the vehicle so Troopers responded to keep traffic moving. There was no one with the vehicle when Troopers responded to the scene.

And as of today, no one has claimed responsibility for their mistake.

We’re pretty sure that the local DMV will locate the owner, but if the owner doesn’t come and pick up his car from the impound lot, it may or may not hit¬†the¬†auction block in 90 days.

According to how Nevada deals with impounded cars, if the owner doesn’t claim their vehicle, it’ll be sold to the highest bidder. The money collected will be used to reimburse the impound lot for storage fees. And if the auction doesn’t cover accrued fees, the owner will have to pony up to cover the difference.

I mean honestly, how do you manage to wedge a passenger car on a boulder that most serious rock crawlers would take a minute to get over. The Jetta must’ve been carrying some serious speed to vault itself on top.

Since EDC attracts a younger crowd, we think the driver might’ve been a bit impaired or left something incriminating in his car. Rather than deal with it now, a bit of procrastination is in order.

We’ll monitor social media and bring you any updates on this unique impound.


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