It’s EDC Las Vegas and that means a horde of incompetent drivers and their poorly maintained cars are flooding local hotels.

Please say a prayer for all the service workers in Las Vegas this weekend because the Electric Daisy Carnival a.k.a. EDC is in town. According to local Las Vegas worker Dustin Webster and his video he shared with his friends earlier this weekend, this woman with a few screws loose pulled up to Mandalay Bay in her Nissan Versa with one wheel missing a tire and demanded that they “valet her s**t.”

Check out the egregious display below.

Is the video above down? Here’s a mirror =)

Details are few and far between on what exactly caused this woman’s car tire to debead but for sure Mandalay Bay had nothing to do with it. You can hear people talking in the background that they saw her tire laying in the middle of the road so presumably, this lady hit something on her way in, quite possibly under the influence, and could not comprehend what’s happening to her car.

There’s also the possibility that, like so many FWD car owners, she did not rotate her tires too often with these fronts getting most of the wear and self-destructing when you need them the most, on rave weekend.

You can hear this poor lady screaming at valet that “I can’t drive it, I can’t drive it, it’s on the f**king…barrel” Like, is she really putting the blame on valet to deal with the problem?

Then, when things couldn’t get any worse, she pulls away with her wheel dragging on the ground, her whole front suspension even further destroyed.

And you just know that someone’s going to bail her out, probably her parents, with a rental and tow this Nissan back home for someone else to deal with it.

To be clear, I’m making a lot of assumptions here. She might not be going to EDC, she’s probably sober, and it’s just bad luck her tire self destructing like this.

Nevertheless, we can all agree she does not have much common sense here. Wheels need to rotate freely for your car to move. If your wheels f***ked up, the best thing to do is pull over to assess the situation safely away from traffic.

If you can’t fix it yourself, call for help, even if it’s to non-emergency services, they can direct you to the best course of action.

Screaming at people, driving on the broken wheel, and causing even more damage does no one any good.

Plus, in this particular situation, who knows what damage she caused to the front driveway with her wheel edge grinding into the concrete.

And if she was going to EDC, this really was a meme going around as of late to add insult to injury.

This is certainly not the first car shenanigans to go down in Vegas because of EDC. Remember this Jetta stuck on a rock back in 2017?

This VW Jetta Got Stuck On A Rock AT EDC And No Claimed It

What do you think happened here? Let me know in the comments below.


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