If you’re feeling a bit left out with all these freshly minted Honda Civic Type R owners and want to join in on the Type R party hype, now’s your chance. According to meet organizer Wheels N Meals (who we assume is in the loop with these rare finds) there’s an authentic RHD 2010 Honda Civic Euro Type R (yes, the one with chassis code FN2) for sale presumably by a private party in California. Check out the post below and contact this particular Facebook page if you’re interested.

Priced at $21,000 or best offer, the price is a bit steep for what is arguably slower than the equivalent 8th gen USDM Honda Civic Si which has essentially the same engine but better rear suspension. As this is a Euro specific Honda Civic Hatchback, emphasis on rear space meant that this Type R sports *gasp* a rear twist beam suspension. Tuned right and this chassis can mix it up with the best of them but most enthusiasts prefer a good multi-link rear.

Underneath the hood is Honda’s K20Z4 which pumps out just 201 HP and 142 lb-ft of naturally aspirated goodness. Mind you, that’s only +4 HP and +3 lb-ft compared to the K20Z3 in the USDM Civic Si.

This particular model already has 153,000 miles under its belt, so it’s not exactly low-mileage. According to the post, the paint is in decent condition with a small scratch on the front lip. Thankfully, they claim that this Type R hasn’t been in any accidents so we’ll have to take their word for it.

The real elephant in the room is the fact that since this car is only seven years old, it doesn’t meet the 25-year-old import law. The post does say that this Type R was, “Cleanly imported for race car purposes.” and was de-registered from Japan. That probably means if you buy this car, you’ll have to regale it to just track days and trailers. Then again, if you’re in the know, we’re sure there are some legal loop holes (like show and display maybe) that you can use to drive this car on city streets.

We think the price is too rich for our blood but we are definitely intrigued by this rare chassis on American soil. For the right price and given enough time, I’m sure someone will swoop this up in no time. How cool would it be to show up to an import meet in one of these. You’d surely stand out from the rest of the Hondas.


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