If you’re a motorist in Massachusetts and love to race anything and everything with wheels, it might behoove you to take a double take on this Subaru WRX Sti sedan before you honk your horn three times. A 3rd gen Subaru WRX Sti sedan was spotted in Massachusetts flashing a set of blue courtesy lights while stopped at the scene of some official police business.

Although it’s not clear what branch of law enforcement this WRX Sti sedan belongs too, we wouldn’t be surprised if some young gun with authority to pull you over actually owned it.  Take a look at the video for yourself below!

In Massachusetts, it looks like police and fire vehicles are the only ones authorized to use any sort of flashing, oscillating, or rotating red lights. However, blue lights, according to Massachusets general laws,  can be added to vehicles in five specific cases.

  • Vehicles used for official police business
  • Vehicles Owned and operated by a police officer of any town
  • Medical examiners, physicians or surgeons
  • Vehicles operated by a police commissioner
  • Vehicles used to transport people under arrest.

It’s no mystery that young men and women make up the bulk of America’s police force with the average age hovering around 40 years old, it’s a young man’s game. And for the work that they do, it’s not like they’re pulling six-figures. As such, this young demographic is going to choose, you guessed it, a fast sports car as their personal vehicle. And this Subaru WRX Sti fits that bill quite nicely

So while you’re speeding along in Massachusetts, specifically in the Boston area, and you see this Subaru WRX Sti sedan cruising along, you’d better not get the urge to race it. If you do, you might find a set of blues flashing in your rear view mirrors after you smoke it from a roll.


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