Car thieves who want an easy target often times will see a barcode on a rental and choose that car as its victim. They can bank on its renters carrying valuables like spare money, luggage, designer clothes, electronics and other desirables in the trunk or somewhere else in the car. Now thieves will have a harder time choosing rental cars out of a parking lot. According to ABC  7 news on their report earlier today (Sept. 9, 2017) an SF Supervisors committee passed legislation requiring rental companies in SF and SFO to scrape off barcodes and remove any and all signage indicating their cars are rentals.

In addition, all rental cars rented in San Francisco and at SFO must disclose to customers, advising them to remove valuables from the rental vehicles and to lock doors. This might seem common sense for most native Bay Area residents, but for tourists unfamiliar with how rampant rental car theft is, this can be valuable advice for those carrying around….valuables.

And hats off to the speed at which they got this legislation passed. According to SFBay.CA, it looks like this particular suggestion was introduced back in April of this year and just a few months later, it’s made into a rule.

On a side note, it noteworthy to add that a possible overlooked benefit to this rule is, for the lack of a better term, you can “fake the funk.” Say you’ve got a really important meeting, a date with someone you want to impress, or you’ve got some kind of business where you need a ride right away but you don’t want to make it obvious you’re driving a rental. Now you can, as they say, fake the funk for a bit. This Dodge Charger they see you in, whose to say that it isn’t mine? That Ford Mustang, yay I totally own it. Only until you have to return the rental, none will be the wiser.

So kudos to the City of San Francisco for acting so quick on this legislation. And “fellas” everywhere also send their thanks when they want to be “ballas on a budget.”


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