Back in June we reported on some Instagram posts coming from Bisimoto Engineering when he took a trip to Detroit on some sort of collab with the current head of Design for Fiat Chrysler a.k.a. Ralph Gilles of SRT Lore. While there, Ralph Gilles played host to Bisi as well as a handing Bisi the keys to a Dodge Viper for a test drive. We initially thought Bisimoto might be building a Viper in collaboration with SRT in time for SEMA. SEMA kicks off on Halloween, Oct. 31st, so if Bisimoto is planning to pull all-nighters over the next couple weeks, we don’t think a Viper in Vegas is going to happen.

What we DO know is that Bisimoto definitely has a brand spakin’ new Dodge Viper at his shop in Ontario, Calif. with dealer plates and it looks like a bit of tuning is in order. Check out a couple of posts from Bisimoto’s Instagram showing off this naturally aspirated beast.

Something slithery and wicked is brewing at #Bisimoto. #GenV #GTS

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…those curves. #Bisimoto Gen 5 Viper.

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Some interesting hashtags were thrown in the mix that hints at the direction this Viper is headed. For one, #PurOl points to them as a sponsor. #Fifteen52 probably means they’ll source a set of wheels from that California based wheel company. And #BecauseRalphSaidSo is an interesting¬†one. Does that mean Bisimoto financed this Viper and it’s actually his now? Perhaps Ralph Gilles cut him a deal on the Viper as long as SRT gets a bit of promotion out of it?

The next post from Bisimoto showing a rendering of a potential livery, wheel setup, and overall stance does confirm that they’re using Fifteen52 wheels.

#Bisimoto inspired. Should we make this happen?

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Furthermore, we can get a glimpse at a giant, honking snail peeking out through the hood. If you know anything about Bisimoto it’s that he’ll source gobs of power from anything that burns gas.

In its naturally aspirated form, SRT’s V10 pumps out a generous 645 HP and 600 lb-ft from its 8.4L block. Boosted and with all the right supporting mods, power levels eclipsing 1,000 HP are no problem. Heck, send your Viper to Texas and Hennesey will get you to those power numbers without you having to lift a finger. It’ll cost you though (probably as much as the Viper costs.)

So ya, Bisimoto is building a Viper. Why, for whom, and details, we’ll have to wait until he makes an official announcement. Best believe we’ll be hankering for new information on this Bisi Viper as it comes.


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