The 45th Tokyo Motor Show is just around the corner and Honda had an electric ace up its sleeve in it’s Honda Sports EV Concept unveiled earlier today (Oct. 24,2017) Taking styling cues from the Honda Urban EV Concept hatchback that they introduced at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, this low-slung EV sports coupe combines the powertrain from the urban EV concept and wraps it in a body that inherently has a lower center of gravity. Check out a couple of official photos that Honda dropped with their press release below.

The writing is on the wall for pure internal combustion engines. If you don’t have some sort of hybrid/electric plan for your lineup, you’re already seriously behind. Honda, among other Japanese car manufacturers, has been a step behind in this regards but Honda is making it known that no longer is this the case. Before Honda’s CEO introduced the Sports EV Concept, he was sure to mention that by 2030, 2/3’s of Honda’s lineup will include some electrification.

Honda Sport EV Concept
Honda’s Sports EV Concept
Honda Sport EV Concept
Honda’s Sports EV Concept

Enter the Honda Sports Concept. Already hinted at with the Urban EV Concept, Honda points out that electric cars don’t have to be as disconnected to the driver as one may think. The first comment following Honda pulling off the covers of their Sports EV Concept echoed this philosophy.

This Sports EV concept is a new proposal from Honda, A company which always regardless of the time, want to provide its customers with the Joy of driving at the will of the driver with sporty and exhilarating driving experience.

Although Honda has no concrete plans to produce this concept for the public we do know that Honda is committed to an all-electric hatch for the European market by 2019. If that’s the case, we can expect this little sports concept to hit production shortly after since they share the same powertrain.

Realistically this fun sports concept does hint at catering to a Japanese and European market vehicle if it ever makes it into production. Eye-balling the proportions better suit a smaller driver perhaps due to the chassis limitations of the Urban EV Concept.

It looks fun and gives us hope for a fun electric future, I’ll give Honda that. But as for this arriving on dealer lots as something we can finance or outright buy in the United States in the future, I wouldn’t count on it.


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