SEMA is only four days away with doors opening on Halloween but it doesn’t look like Bisimoto is phased at all. According to his most recent Instagram post he dropped earlier today (Oct. 25,2017), it looks like the Porsche Boxster he’s building just arrived from paint. From the looks of things, the engine, interior, as well as a thousand other small details must be taken cared for before Bisimoto can tune it, load it on a truck, and ship it 6 hours away to sunny Las Vegas. Check out that Instagram post below, as well as a few other posts giving us a, peek at this unique project.

In this post, Bisimoto has affectionately hashtagged it #TeamNoSleep, as in order to get this project done, he’ll have to work literally around the clock to get it done.

Here’s what we know so far. Major fabrication was done to relocate the driver’s seat to the middle of this Porsche Boxster. In addition, the dashboard and steering were obviously modified now that the driver is smack dab in the middle.

#Bisimoto SEMA project 2 of 4, early stages. This twin turbo, center seat #Porsche will be a blast to drive.

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Although this Porsche started its life as a 986, it’s getting a newer engine out back. An M96 from a 987 Boxster, depending on what size it is, puts out between 200-250 HP and 180-230 lb-ft. Being Bisimoto, this particular project car will benefit from a longer stroke, reinforced internals, and twin-turbos. The way Bisimoto tunes engines I expect power numbers to crest 500 HP easily.

Larger displacement #M96 engine ready for the #Bisimoto twin turbo, centre seat #Porsche SEMA project #2 of 4.

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From the factory, Porsche’s are arguably some of the best driving cars on the road. By shifting the driver to the middle, this particular Porsche is further balanced for better handling. I can’t wait to see the finished project, but with just four day’s that’s a tall order.

Don’t forget that Bisimoto has also partnered with Hyundai to build a super-eco car in their Hyundai Ioniq. Hyundai has appropriately dubbed that one the “HyperEconiq Ioniq.” Bisimoto claims that this special Ioniq boosts MPG from the stock combined 58 MPG all the way to 80 MPG.

Rest assured I’ll be monitoring Bisimoto’s social media streams as he’s sure to be wrenching into the night.


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