7:43.8. That’s the record the 2017 Honda Civic Type R has for fastest FWD on the Nurburgring and it looks like Renault and its Megane RS is chomping at the bit to not only break that record but obliterate it. According to StatesideSuperCars on Youtube on their latest video they uploaded last week (Nov 7, 2018) the Renault Megane RS in all its camouflaged glory, was once again spotted hot lapping the ‘Ring presumably setting itself up for one hot lap that’ll snatch the record away from Honda. Check out the video of this FWD French hot hatch below.

The first couple of shots of the white Renault Megane RS looks like it’s running on rails. The squealing of its tires and taking full advantage of the entire width of the track means the driver is wheeling this Renault to the ragged edge.

Although the specs of the Megane RS put it a good amount of horsepower lower than the 2017 Honda Civic Type R (-39 HP/-7lb-ft) at just 276 HP and 287 lb-ft, I reckon Renault is seeing just how close they can get to the record before unleashing their more powerful Trophy R version. The engine that Renault is using comes straight from their Alpine A110.

This Renault does benefit from a couple of engineering feats that make this a FWD barnburner. Like the Civic Type R, there are a couple of driving modes that sharpen throttle response and transmission shifting patterns. Race mode presumably sets this Renault Megane RS into maximum attack.

Then there’s the 4WS (Four wheel steering) system, that although it adds more weight, enough to tip the scales in the Civic’s favor, might provide marginal benefits in steering around tight low-speed corners and stability when the driver wrings the engine out at higher speeds.

Finally, there are the hydraulic compression stops taken from their motorsport division, these stops are designed to reduce the amount of rebound on the front suspension.

This Renault Megane RS as is, might just best the Civic Type R. If not and the sector times don’t come close to the Civic Type R, a hotter Trophy spec of the Megane RS surely will. Game on!



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