If you told you there was a stock Nissan S13 for sale, in good condition, without a cracked dashboard, and at a good price, you’d think I was crazy. But I’m not. There is one for sale and it’s wonderful. According to this Craigslist post that popped up in Ontario, Canada earlier today (Nov 13, 2017) someone is finally letting go of his 1989 Nissan 240SX hatchback, colloquially known as an S13. Check out a couple of photos of this pristine blast from the past below!

When the owner put that this is 100 percent original, it really is all original. At first glance, even the stock teardrop wheels oftentimes used as drift spares are still on this S13.

Nissan S13
1989 Nissan S13 Hatchback for sale in all-original goodness

All original condition
Complete, full interior, privacy cover & trunk liner too.
Runs perfect, drives perfect
Super clean body no accidents, nice paint.
Frame is strong and rust free .

Although the photos were taken at a minimum of five feet away, there appears to be not a dent in sight. The paintwork remains immaculate without a spot of clearcoat failure, which is amazing considering that this car was driven and not garage kept.

Stock, underneath the hood is the K24DE engine paired with a 5-speed manual. Although power is a meager 155 HP and 160 lb-ft, there’s enough grunt to break traction and initiate some mad skids of that’s what you plan to do. The odometer reads 240,000 KMs (170,225 miles) so this isn’t exactly a low-mileage motor, but given the low revving loppy nature of the truck-ish engine underneath the hood, we’re sure everything is copacetic.

Although Nissan produced close to a quarter million S13’s from 1989-1994, it’s true that it’s become increasingly harder to find a stock S13 without any form of modification. The only S13’s I’ve seen in real life are modified ones with swapped engines and gutted interiors that it’s somewhat of a refreshing shock of sorts to see what an OEM engine and interior looks like.

Asking price for this beauty is $4,300. Although that might seem steep for a car that’s 28 years old, it’s all there and the price is negotiable. Hopefully, this car finds a home with a responsible owner who’ll recognize it for what it is and enjoy its stock goodness for a bit before modifying the living heck out of it.



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