Always ahead of the times, the last generation Mazda 6 dropped the V6 optional engine in favor of an NA 2.5L. But that engine isn’t cutting it anymore. According to a press release that Mazda dropped ahead of the LA Motor show earlier today (Nov 15, 2017) Mazda is adding its more powerful 2.5T from their CX-9. Mazda was so confident in their new replacement that they’re promising V8-like levels of torque from its turbocharged four cylinders. Bold claims from to a country built on big blocks and copious torque. Check out a couple of press photos Mazda dropped below and comment if you think Mazda’s new engine is enough to revive their sedan.

Base Mazda 6’s come with Mazda’s 2.0 Skyactiv engine with 155 HP and 150 lb-ft with their optional 2.5 Skyactiv-G making an impressive 184 HP and 185 lb-ft. Now, with a turbo strapped to that 2.5, the Mazda 6 will boast close to 250 HP (if they specify premium fuel) and a whopping 310 lb-ft.

Ever since the Mazda 6 was introduced back in 2002, the sporty zoom-zoom sedan from Mazda has been quietly hammering away at a couple thousand units of sales when compared to Toyota and Honda. But with a preference for SUV’s and CUV’s being the trend, the mid-size sedan market has dwindled away. 2017 saw Mazda 6 sales dip into the 2,000+ units a month. October saw just 2,125 units sold. For a small company like Mazda, every product has to be a home run if it’s going to make financial sense and if you want to survive.

Based on the press photo they dropped, it doesn’t look like Mazda did an all-out redesign that would warrant a new generation and it looks like a mid-model refresh is more in line with what they’ve done. Mazda says they’ve imbued details and engineering concepts meant to enhance their human-centered design philosophy but it all sounds like they’ve done as little as possible to keep this sedan as relevant as possible.

Both Camry and Accord took a hard left from their conservative approach to sedans and are now arguably as sporty, if not more sporty than the Mazda 6. Accord has a 252 HP and 273 lb-ft optional engine and Camry has a 301 HP and 276 lb-ft engine as optional. We’ll see if a bit extra more torque will be enough to sway shoppers towards Mazda’s mid-size sedan.


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