This guy’s viral ad landed him a $20,000 offer from CarMax for his girlfriend’s used Honda Accord.

Earlier this month, a used car ad of epic proportions for a shabby 1996 Honda Accord took the world by storm, racking up a monumental 6 million views as of this article. No one thought it would sell for more than market value but CarMax proved them wrong. According to Autoblog on their update on this epic sale earlier today (Nov. 16, 2017) it looks like CarMax actually held up their end of the offer and gave creative genius behind the ad, Max Lanman, $20,000 for his 1996 Honda Accord. Of course, there’s more than meets the eye and there are reasons, but technically CarMax owns an overpriced 1996 Honda Accord.

It looks like Autoblog, like the rest of the internet, followed along with the updates on the sale on the video’s description itself. The latest update says,

Greenie is sold. After receiving Carmax’s hilarious-but-real offer to buy the car for $20,000, Carrie accepted and we sold them the car. Thank you for watching!

It’s a basic contract. The ad is an offer for the sale of an item and the contract was fulfilled with the handing over of the 1996 Honda Accord in exchange for cash. But is that really all there is to it? Of course not.

The entire transaction was a savvy used car sales company taking advantage of a viral video to get news of their philanthropy out there. Max gets $20,000 to use towards his wedding and CarMax gets to tell everyone they donated $5,000 to a good cause.

“Did you see the stuff we got?! Okay, okay…maybe we didn’t get the cat, but it made sense to make a donation in lieu of it. We knew we wanted to give to a nonprofit in the LA area, where Max works and lives, and Kitten Rescue came up as a great volunteer run nonprofit focused on rescuing and finding homes for cats and kittens,”

And who can’t admire a company that shows a little love to its four-legged friends around the neighborhood?

Max has posted an update as well on his Instagram showing off his A-team of an ad crew.

Seriously, this guy is going places. Not only did he achieve viral status on the internet, he added this sweet commercial to his resume, racked up a couple thousand followers to his youtube, got enough money to throw a decent wedding and now has a killer story to add to their wedding memories. Take note fellas.


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