Spoon Sport’s popular Rigid Collar is now available for the FK8 Honda Civic Type R

With an increasing number of applications, it seems like Spoon Sports has a Rigid Collar system available for almost any car and now even Honda’s hottest Civic gets a set. According to Gaijin Garage on their official facebook post they dropped earlier today (Nov. 17, 2017) Spoon Sports has Rigid Collars available for the FK8 Honda Civic Type R. With countless reviews online praising just how effective these Rigid Collars are, I wonder why Honda didn’t just make available these seemingly simple modifications stock on at least their hottest vehicles.  Check out the official announcement below.

According to Spoon Sports, Rigid Collars correct a flaw from the factory shared universally by almost all vehicles. Where the chassis and subframe meet, there is marginal room for play that can always be improved upon.

Over time and mileage, these components are subjected to a compounding effect of these forces and this can lead to increased vehicle harshness and even component failure in extreme circumstances.

Skeptical at their effectiveness, it seems like people who actually bought the modifications for themselves seem pretty happy with the purchase.

This Honda S2000 owner says he literally screamed with joy when he first flogged his Honda S2000 with the new Rigid Collars in place.

About halfway through the run I tossed the car into a low speed hairpin, the rear end stepped out nicely, and I screamed with joy because the feedback I got from the car was incredible.

Even Dino Dalle Carbonare of Speed Hunters got two sets, one for his R34 and another for his Mazda. According to Dino on his first time out with the set,

Even driving the car around you can instantly feel an improvement in the car’s dynamics.

Even though my own car doesn’t have a set, I’ll have to take these owners words for it that this product is legit. And it being Spoon Sports, you know their products are the real deal.

Which begs the question. If Honda’s engineers really made the ultimate Honda Civic with the FK8 Type R, how better would it perform if they installed these Spoon Sports Rigid Collars?

Pricing is not available yet but we can extrapolate from current pricing that you’d spend at least $282 if you cross-shop against the FN2 Honda Civic Type R.

I’ll update you on any Type R owners who actually go through the modifications if they see any improvement. Afterall, who doesn’t want a hotter Type R with little to no risk after modification?


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