Geely owned Lynk and Co has its second crossover vehicle and the third vehicle in its lineup leaked online. Based on Volvo’s CMA platform, this plug-in hybrid has the right DNA.

Plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles from China will soon take Amerca by storm as early as next year and one of those brands will be Geely owned Lynk & Co. According to Left Lane News on their latest news on this up and coming brand they dropped earlier today (Nov. 20,2017) it looks like Lynk & Co has accidently leaked their latest model on their lineup of three, so far, the Lynk & Co 02. Check out the leaked image as well as our speculation of how well this CUV will perform below.

The Lynk & Co 02 (which we will now refer to as LC) is clearly based on its LC 01 brother which was introduced earlier this year. Whereas the 01 was just a bog-standard petrol powered CUV, this one plans to stuff a battery somewhere in the chassis making this a luxury plug-in hybrid of sorts.

The battery pack will allow this 02 CUV to travel up to 30-miles on battery power alone. Whereas at that point, presumably, the engines will kick in to take over. Lynk & Co is planning to have an all-electric variant.

Being owned by Geely does have its benefits as this CUV will have Volvo’s modular CMA platform underneath. Developed in 2013, this compact modular platform already has found use underneath Volvo’s XC40 and soon, their 40 series lineup of cars.

01 and 02 will join LC 03, a five door sedan, as the first firing salvo of this Geely based luxury brand into the American market.

This latest plug-in hybrid certainly has a unique look all its own, you won’t mistake it for anything else on the road. The front end has a premium feel with styling cues that remind me of more expensive brands. The rear also has an upscale feel with an almost Range Rover Evoque-esque feel in the tail light design. It’s an overall pleasant looking little CUV.

If Lynk & Co does indeed plan to sell this car sooner rather than later, we’ll be curious how they plan to market themselves in this CUV saturated market.


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