The latest generation Nissan Serena isn’t even sold here in the United States, but the fact that they’ll give it the NISMO treatment is intriguing.

Oftentimes, car manufacturers will reserve their coveted sportier trim levels for only the most deserving models. Not NISMO as this latest Nissan just about proves. According to Carscoops on their piece on this hotted-up five seater van they dropped earlier today (Nov. 24, 2017) Nissan graced this MPV with a sportier look inside and out and slightly more aggressive performance. Will Nissan NISMO just about anything? Probably!

Out front, you’ll find a bit of more aggressive aero to clean up the air of this brick shaped vehicle. Different colored accents usually mean, “This is not a base model” and this Serena NISMO definitely has plenty of those with red accents on the side skirts and rear bumper. Shod on each NISMO wheel is a Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 tire on 205/50/17 rubber. This particular tire is a Max Performance Summer tire so good luck when its the rainy season in Japan.

Inside, there’s also red accenting, a three-spoke steering wheel and seats with a bit more bolstering.

Not particularly sportier but impressive nonetheless is Nissan’s ProPILOT system which is a light autonomous driving feature that only operates below 62 MPH. When engaged, ProPILOT will keep you in your own lane and maintain a set distance with the car in front of you.

If it’s performance you’re looking for in this Nissan Serena NISMO, performance you shall have as Nissan’s engineers have equipped this 2.0L four cylinder with a sportier muffler and a different ECU tune. Stock, these motors put out a respectable 147 HP and 155 lb-ft. While no power figures were given, we can assume this ECU tune and freer flowing exhaust bumped up power by 5 HP and 3 lb-ft.

Honestly, this little MPV looks like it’d be the right size for some of our smaller sized families here in the United States. But it looks like the bean counters at Nissan think we’d prefer the Nissan Rouge and behemoth Nissan Quest compared to this, so, in the meantime, we’ll just gaze longingly.

But a NISMO Quest? Now we’re talking.


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