A bunch of car thieves who stole a bunch of Teslas had a ridiculous reason as to why they are in their possession.

If you and a bunch of your mastermind criminal friends are about to commit some grand theft auto, you’re going to want to have a believable straight just in case you want a slim chance of actually talking your way out of the crime. According to KSL Salt Talke on their report on four stolen Tesla cars earlier today (Nov. 24, 2017) these car thieves had a hairbrained reason as to why they were driving in these premium electric vehicles in the first place.

According to South Salt Lake police detective Gary Keller,

“One guy claimed a family member had died and left them all this stuff, but two of them actually said (it was given to them) by (a man named) Tesla,” Keller said.

You couldn’t have scripted it better!

According to the first criminal, he claims that he saw the building being ransacked so he ran inside, took a bunch of keys and stole one of the Teslas. His name? Tesla. After pulling up behind a police cruiser near the Tesla dealership, it seems like his conscious got the best of him and he was going to turn in the car, a stack of keys, and a check.

A second car thief, pulled a major no-no when it comes to stealing cars, and drove by the crime scene while police were questioning the first individual. He too was pulled over and detained on suspicion of stealing a Tesla.

Two more Teslas were recovered the next morning after police noticed these expensive Teslas in the most unusual places, one at a liquor store and one pulled over by police. Those two thieves also claimed that a “man named Tesla” handed them keys, presumably from the first criminal.

Hallman and Parker, the drivers of those vehicles, each told police a man named “Tesla” gave them the vehicles they were driving.

Police are still trying to figure out how all these four individuals are connected.

It probably goes without saying, but if you’re going to steal a car, you probably shouldn’t steal a Tesla. If these cars can be updated over the air, you’d think that Tesla can’t track their cars if need be.


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