It might’ve not been one of the cleanest dyno pulls, but it was a dyno pull of the 2018 Honda Accord nonetheless.

It hasn’t been even a full week since the 2.0T Honda Accords have landed at dealerships and it looks like Road and Track was able to wrangle the optional higher horsepower engine model and strapped it to the dyno. According (no pun intended) to Road and Track on their post on their dyno shenanigans they posted earlier last week (Nov. 21, 2017) the 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T makes 212 WHP and 241 lb-ft of torque on this particular dyno on that particular day given their particular set of conditions. Given the highly variable nature of dynos, I’m doubly emphasizing that all dynos read differently, and given a different set of conditions, we’ll most likely see different results.

But how far away from the official engine ratings are these dyno numbers anyways? Honda ratest the 2.0T at 252 HP and 273 lb-ft from the factory. Although the new Accord loses out to its V6 predecessor in horsepower, now there’s a bit more torque.

Just to compare, R&T also strapped down a V6 Accord from last year. Honda’s J-series V6 put down a respectable 249 HP and 220 lb-ft, confirming that indeed the new turbo has a bit more torque than this naturally aspirated workhorse for Honda.

But Road and Track were quick to point out a couple of issues they had with the dyno pulls. The first and best dyno pull with the 2.0T showed that the automatic upshifted at 6500 RPM, throwing off the peak HP and torque beyond that gear. Then, their next dyno run threw up all sorts of codes and warnings on the dashboard, effectively ending their dyno session.

For now, you’ll get a host of skeptics popping out of the woodworks, claiming that the new Honda Accord motor is a sham. Thankfully, in the real wold, as documented, that’s clearly not the case.

Check out how the new Accord drags the old Accord with the V6 in this impromptu drag test.

This is certainly not the first dyno test we’ll see of the Accord. Hopefully, more dyno datapoints will start pop-up and we can gain a clearer picture of just how good (or bad) the new Accord motor is.


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