You wouldn’t think a used car website would give the A-one treatment to such an ugly example of a Geo Prizm, but they did anyway.

When people sell used cars, they’ll largely fall into two categories when it comes to prepping them to sell. Some detail the heck out of them and give it the full presidential treatment while some take photos of the car just as it is, warts and all. This is definitely one of the later. Thanks to’s listing of this 1994 Geo Prizm that popped up for sale earlier this week (Nov. 20,2017) they’ve shown us that it doesn’t matter what rolls through this particular dealership, they’re going to photograph it like it was a Ferrari fresh off the factory line. Take a look at the photos of this beauty by clicking here!

A quick google search of the address on the ad listing and Google points us to a Toyota dealership in Mason City, IA. Home to Hosmer Honda and Toyota, it’s most likely this particular listing was a trade-in. And given the price it’s selling for, I reckon the new car purchaser probably got all of $300 to subtract from his car loan.

Iowa, no stranger to snow, probably means this Geo Prizm suffered an onslaught of daily sprinklings of road salt in the cold winter months. Almost all the body panels are showing some kind of rust.

An unpainted rear bumper probably means that this Prizm also suffered some kind of low-speed collision in its lifetime.

The only saving grace for this vehicle might be that it’s basically a Toyota Corolla underneath it all, so at least we can count on the engine and transmission to be rock solid. A look at the interior does show a stick shift jutting from the floorboard so at least you can row your own gears.

Other than that, this is one rough example of a Geo Prizm.

Coincidentally, I own a Geo Prizm, a newer 1995 model year and with an automatic. As the second owner, I did find out that its original owner did come from a snowy state just like Iowa. And low and behold when I did my rough and ready pre-purchase inspection, there was rust on the running boards galore, not to mention in all sorts of places. Suffice to say, this listing hit close to home.

The biggest difference between this one and mine is probably the asking price. I got my Prizm for the hookup price of $100. This one is literally 19 times that. In it’s current state, it’s definitely not worth 19 times as much.


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