If you’ve got a late model Ferrari, chances are you aren’t going to be at a gas station asking for money to fill up your Italian exotic.

Employees at this gas station thought something was seriously amiss when a customer who rolled up in a Ferrari 458 was caught on camera asking around for gas money. According to the LA Times on their report on the incident from earlier this week (Nov. 28, 2017) it turns out the man begging for money was wanted for grand theft auto of the exact same car. How he got away with the car in the first place is unbelievable in and of itself.

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The car had been reported stolen mid-October. The owner of the Ferrari 458 dropped it off at his local Ferrari dealership for service. After reviewing security camera footage, the car thief disguised himself as a client with a Ferrari jacket. An employee in charge of the Ferrari 458, whose probably done this numerous times before, simply placed the 458 keys in the Ferrari itself. All the car thief had to do was open the door, press the start button, and drive off. When the owner came to pick up his 458 Spider, it had already been more than 24 hours since the car thief took it for a joy ride.

Then, two weeks later at a gas station, as mentioned, the car thief was caught on camera asking people for gas money. According to police, he didn’t even know how to put gas in the Ferrari 458.

In Ferrari’s, putting fuel isn’t exactly like putting gas into a Civic. You’ve got to have your key in a certain position and you have to press the right button. Whereas some people take out the key before you fuel up, you have to keep the key in your Ferrari.

Also, Ferrari 458’s aren’t particularly known for being fuel efficient. At just 13 MPG city/ 17 MPG highway, the car thief only got so far before having to pony up for some gas.

Anyways, when questioned by police, the suspect ran away from the car whereas he was shortly arrested.

The owner was most upset about how the Ferrari dealership did practically nothing to help him in this situation. When he received a check from his insurance company for his damaged car, as the 458 Spider was completely thrashed with a ruined gearbox and missing body panels, the owner went out and literally bought a 2018 Lamborghini Huracan.

I’m pretty sure that Lamborghini will treat him differently after hearing his story.


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