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Florida suspect finds out that even a C7 Corvette can’t outrun a police helicopter

This C7 Corvette couldn't outrun police

Even a good ol’ American V8 sports car wasn’t enough to outrun and outwit these Florida police in a much faster helicopter.

When your harboring drugs and are of the criminal classes, you’d better have a fast getaway car. According to WESH 2 news out of Orlando, FL on their update on a C7 Corvette that tried to outrun police from earlier last month (Nov. 22, 2017) that drug suspect found out the hard way, that like criminals who ran before him, you can’t beat police, the radio, and the hovering helicopter equipped with thermal imagine overhead. Check out that cat and mouse chases of sorts below.

The C7 Corvette is a quick car, no doubt about that. GM was sure to equip one of its most advanced V8’s in the company’s history, the LT1, underneath the hood of even the base Corvette. With 460HP and 465 lb-ft, it’s enough to propel a stock Stingray to 60 MPH in 3.9 seconds all the way up to a drag-limited top speed of 181 MPH.

Volusia County sheriff’s, however, operate Bell 407 helicopters to assist their police force. With a maximum speed of 161 MPH and a cruising speed of 152 MPH, in the traffic-free air above Florida, it can quickly catch up with even the fastest of cars.

According to the rest of the report, this Corvette in question was actually a rental. It’s a little-known fact, but you can indeed rent Corvette’s at large rental fleet places given you have enough cash and a clean driving record.

In the footage, you can see the Corvette deftly dodging traffic and blowing through multiple stop lights at close to triple digit speeds. The drug suspect has some driving skill, I’ll give him that, but as mentioned, nothing can beat air superiority.

With the thermal imaging cameras switched on, it was a piece of cake to follow the suspect to a Florida apartment complex where he was arrested shortly after.

Running away from the police, no matter what car you have is a zero-sum game that’ll see you lose every time.


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