A lowrider with all the hydraulics on point put on a masterclass demonstration on his morning commute in snowy Detroit.

Think snowy commute on a gridlocked freeway and snow tires, studded snow chains, defrosted windows and headlights on come to mind. According to Youtube User Truckrazy Kustoms on Youtube video he posted earlier yesterday (Dec. 14,2017) it means flipping switches on his lowrider and three wheelin’ (rolling on three wheels) down a very snowy freeway. Check out the crazy video for yourself below!

Lowriders are known for cruising in maximum style thanks to killer paint jobs, lots of hydraulics replacing the stock suspension, and tiny wheels and tires on all four corners. The last place you’d probably expect to see a low-rider is on a freeway in the middle of a snowy December afternoon, yet here we are. In the video, you can see the 1962 Chevrolet Impala setting up his hydraulic suspension so that physics does the rest of the job, lifting one of the front steering wheels into the air. And like nothing at all, he lays the Impala down and continues on his merry way.

Many commentators on youtube and Facebook, where the video was also shared, lamented the fact that this Impala probably suffered irreversible salt damage, but the video poster assured these worry worts that salt trucks didn’t even come through yet and the undercarriage was given a good spray down.

At 5pm on 12-13-2017
Detroit’s first big snow and
Salt trucks were NOT out yet!
And was washed in heated storage building immediately after this.

Presumably, the salt trucks did roll through shortly after his three wheelin’ shenanigans, thus making the roads safer for those regular folk in ordinary cars.

But for one shining moment in December, this lowrider got the chance to defy mother nature one more time until he’ll have to put a car cover on this beauty at least for a couple of weeks while snow does its thing.

Us Californians (if you’re reading this in the sunshine best coast west coast state) should count ourselves so lucky with our year-round driving.


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