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This quirky Amish winter tradition got everyone’s attention

Amish skiing
This Michigan resident caught an Amish person skiing

Every winter someone catches and films an Amish person partaking in this truly Amish tradition only they can pull off.

Just because the Amish people really on a horse and buggy as their main form of transportation doesn’t mean this commonly confused as stoic people don’t know how to have a bit of fun. According to the Detroit Free Press on their report on a Michigan women’s video they posted earlier yesterday (Dec. 27, 2017) an Amish man was filmed skiing in the winter snow beside the road pulled by his horse and buggy. Yes, you read that correctly. An Amish person was caught on film totally shredding it and, by the looks of things, was thoroughly enjoying it.

In the video posted by Michigan resident Tara Hayward, she’s given the video the appropriate hashtag, #PureMichigan. Known for using their horse and buggy, this Amish man was filmed with two skis strapped to his feet as he slid across the snow-blanketed Michigan road. Wrapped around his hand and holding on for dear life, there’s a singular rope tied to the solid rear axle of the buggy. His other hand is clutching his hat as he tries his best to keep his head covered. In the passenger seat is presumably his wife keeping the horse in check and trotting along at a reasonable pace.

It’s certainly something you don’t see every day and is definitely worth whipping out your smartphone for.

Apparently, this isn’t the first time an Amish person has been filmed skiing behind their horse and buggy. There are actually a handful of videos throughout the years on Youtube showing this same winter tradition going down.

For the life of me, I can’t think of one good reason, other than it’s a lot of fun, for a person to ski behind a horse and buggy. Presumably, one would want more weight inside the cab as those thin buggy wheels struggle for traction in the winter snow. Perhaps around corners, the skier can control a tail happy buggy from going out of control but something tells me the physics don’t work out like that.

Michigan is the sixth largest state in terms of Amish population so this site isn’t entirely uncommon.

I wonder how often this happens in Pennsylvania which has five times as many Amish people.


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