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Thousands of gallons of beer spills onto West Virginia highway

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An overturned tractor-trailer threw beer cans all over this highway

A tractor-trailer laden with literally thousands of gallons of beer all stacked in pallets of cans, overturned.

Beer lovers of the world, pour one out tonight in honor of thousands of gallons of wasted beer. According to WSYX ABC 6 news out of West Virginia and the video they shared earlier today (Dec. 27, 2017) a tractor-trailer carrying a wide variety of popular beers tipped onto its side, throwing cans every which way with some of those cans leaking out onto the freeway, making the precious golden liquid undrinkable.

It’s unclear and not reported why exactly the tractor-trailer overturned. A cursory look at Google Maps reveals that this stretch of road, while not entirely straight, does have its fair share of dips and turns that could upset any fully laden vehicle. In the photos that have since circulated around social media, it looks like this truck was filled to the brim with pallets of beer. One wrong turn or hasty maneuver and physics’ll take over.

If you’re a beer connoisseur, worry not, as they only two varieties of beer that are identifiable are Coors Light and Miller Genuine Draft. Still, in the video shared by ABC, dozens of cans that are not salvageable can be seen being chucked into the back of a dump trailer where they’ll eventually be crushed for recycling.

As per the report, no one was seriously injured and only the driver and passenger sustained light injuries. In the video, it looks like the truck itself is also a total loss with the entire driver cab obliterated.

Contrary to popular belief, there wasn’t a report saying that the driver was under the influence.

It’s noteworthy to quote one of the top comments from that facebook video posted above.

According to Jim Flesher,

Two trucks full of pretzels and peanuts were dispatched to the scene to assist in a speedy clean up by passing motorists.

So if you’re reading this in West Virginia and you’re wondering why your convenience store is low on Coors Light, wait a couple of days for a fresh supply to get there.


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