World Time Attack Challenge assured its fans that their Grid Girls are here to stay despite all the hubbub from Liberty Media and their decision.

If you haven’t already heard, Liberty Media went ahead and fired all its grid girls for the 2018 F1 season. But there’s at least one race series out there that’s keeping its grid girls employed. According to World Time Attack Challenge in an official announcement over Facebook yesterday (Feb 1, 2018) they assured fans of their race series that they’re keeping THEIR grid girls employed for 2018 and reassured us that they’re keeping them for future seasons. Check out the announcement for yourself below and let us know what you think about their slap in the face of Liberty Media in the comments below.

Although World Time Attack Challenge is nowhere near the level of racing that Formula 1 is nor does it draw the same amounts of crowds and viewers, it’s a race series nonetheless that employs Grid Girls to represent large sponsors for some of the cars and the race series itself. With Liberty Media’s announcement and with Formula 1 being an example for the rest of the racing world I can only presume that some of the grid girls queried their management asking if WTAC would follow lead. According to World Time Attack Challenge,

With F1 making it clear they will no longer be using grid girls we thought we need to make it clear our beautiful girls will be staying 100% both now and into the future!! #stayrespectful

In Formula 1’s short statement, they cite aligning their brand values and modern-day societal norms with its best practices as being the reason they’ve axed their grid girls. But with as many supporters of their decision, there were seemingly just as many defenders of the grid girl job, including grid girls themselves.

Whether you support Grid Girls or not, if you’re a fan of World Time Attack Challenge, you can expect them to be waving their promotional flags high come race weekend in October. 


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