This truck driver rear-ended her car, shouted at her, and threatened to push her car with his truck…but all for the right reasons!

Getting into a car accident is one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life but for truck driver Mark Wearne, he did everything he could to make sure this particular accident didn’t turn from bad to worse. According to Mark Wearne and a video he shared earlier yesterday (Feb 2, 2018) it looks like he had to pull out all the stops to get this lady to move her car from the middle of the freeway onto the side of the road where they could exchange information safely. Check out the dashcam video for yourself below and go ahead and give it a share on your personal Facebook to remind other drivers of what NOT to do when you get into an accident.

It looks like Mark was driving along in his truck in the slow lane and encountered merging traffic. One particular car didn’t seem to see him approaching and as this car merged into his lane and although Mark tried his best to stop, he, unfortunately, clipped the rear of her car.

To make matters worse, the driver slammed onto her brakes bringing her car to a stop but also making another collision with Mark’s truck unavoidable. Mark slammed into her car again.

Then, she proceeds to stop completely, exits her vehicle and gets on the phone to call for help. All the while, Mark is telling her that she really needs to move her car out of the freeway to avoid getting hit, not to mention the young passenger she has with him. Only after Mark screams at her to move her car over does she get the hint to move her car to safety, which she finally does.

There are a handful of steps everyone should commit to memory if they get into an accident.

  1. First, move to a safe area.
  2. Next, check on the welfare of your passengers, yourself, and those involved.
  3. Call police if the damages look extensive and there is debris on the road that may cause harm to others driving through it. Check your local laws as calling police after an accident is the law.
  4. Gather information, take photos of the accident safely, and exchange insurance information.
  5. File your claim.

Those are just a rough and ready guide for the average accident. Your situation may be different.

Safety comes first. Don’t do what this woman did and stop in the middle of a dangerous freeway.


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