More spy shots of the BMW M2 Gran Coupe have been makings its rounds on the internet, this time winter testing.

If there ever was a BMW after our enthusiast’s hearts, it’d definitely have to be the BMW 2-series in all its variants. 2-series fans have something to look forward to as according to Motor Trend on their official spy shots from earlier yesterday (Feb 1, 2018) the BMW M2 has been spotted once again with two more door handles during winter testing. I can only assume BMW is perfecting its driving dynamics in the powdery stuff as compared to its competition, its rear-wheel-drive propensities put it at a slight disadvantage against its all-wheel-drive counterparts. Check out a shot of the BMW M2 Gran Coupe shredding it on these hills and click the link I posted above to see all the photos for yourself.

Motor Trend does bring up some interesting tidbits of information from their end that definitely have our interest piqued for this smokin’ saloon. For one, MT has some inside information that BMW will make use of its UKL platform, a modular small car architecture that’s mainly been used in their front engine, FWD, cars including the Mini Clubman, Countryman, X1 and 2 Series Active/Gran tourer. This does fly against predictions from Autocar, which I’m siding with in this particular aspect, which says the M2 Gran Coupe will keep it’s transversely mounted engines and rear wheel drive configuration, a combo that’s won favor with enthusiasts.

As for engines, look to the 2-series coupe and cabriolet for what the lesser trim levels will have but for their M2 Gran Coupe BMW will slide over their 365 HP turbocharged 3.0L in-line six-cylinder engine over into the sedan. Taking care of gear changes will be a six-speed manual or seven-speed DCT.

For benchmarks for BMW’s hottest 2-series variant, you only have to look over at the Audi RS3 Saloon and Mercedes- AMG CLA 45 for who BMW has its crosshairs aimed at.

The BMW M2 Gran Coupe will be that trim level that should’ve been offered from the get-go. Can you imagine how many enthusiasts switched over to Mercedes and Audi just for the practicality of two extra doors?

This one’s going to sell pretty well.


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