If you were looking the fastest Acura Integra in all of Japan, this is literally it.

The DC2 Integra is fast but the DC5 Integra is just as fast, if not better. Don’t take my word for it. And if you’re wondering who’s got the fastest Integra in the entire country of Japan, look no further. According to Youtuber Shu Box Inc. and his short video he shared with us earlier this week (Feb 1, 2018) he’s not only friends with the driver of Japan’s fastest Integra, he was fortunate enough to tag along and film this Sougo Orange Ball DC5 do its thing on the famed Tsukuba Circuit.

Not only is this DC5 super fast, the driver and his family are absolutely the best family a weekend race hero could ask for. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

This DC5 is no ordinary RSX, it’s an Integra Type R. That means it benefits from a lighter overall weight, a JDM only K20A engine that spits out a generous 217 HP, a 6-speed close ratio transmission with helical LSD, stiffer springs and dampers, and special 17-inch wheels. It is truly a Type R in the truest sense of the word.

With only a couple of bolt-ons, a spoon ECU, a tune, and stripped interior, this DC5 managed to lay down a 59.197 second lap time at Tsukuba’s two-mile circuit. Anything under a minute is pretty much ridiculous fast.

In 2016, he managed to lower his time down even further to 58.921 seconds thanks to more weight savings that saw this DC5 ITR tip the scales at just 2,006 pounds.

As this video explains, with so many other FWD cars dipping into the 56-second range and with so much weight stripped out, he’d either have to suddenly become Kamui Kobayashi overnight (who holds Tsukuba’s lap record by the way at 44 seconds) or he’d need more power.

Currently, this RSX is getting even more stiffer thanks to a rotisserie roast level of chassis strengthening with welding in strategic spots, and a fully tuned K24.

Whereas the stock K-series in an ITR puts out 217 HP and 152 lb-ft, Honda’s hottest K24 engine has 201 HP and 171 lb-ft. After extensive tuning for an all-out attack at Tsukuba, final power numbers should hover around 260 HP and more than 200 lb-ft, enough grunt to get this DC5 into the 56-second range easily.

Shu Box Inc does say this DC5 will return to Tsukuba with its new engine and specs later this month so I’m curious to see what he can do.

Stay tuned because Japan’s fastest Integra will only get faster.


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