Alleged specs for the 2019 Toyota Supra concept were “leaked” thanks to a couple of scans from a car magazine in Japan.

Shorter, wider, taller, lighter, and with more power. That’s the gist of what was “leaked” thanks to one car article in a Japanese car magazine. According to a thread that popped up on Supra MKV’s forum earlier yesterday (Feb 12, 2018) these forum members supposedly got the jump on some information about the upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra…except the source they got it from is the equivalent of a tabloid magazine here in the United States. So no, the 2019 Toyota Supra will not have 335 HP exactly. Check out a screenshot from that rumor mill of a magazine below.

We do know some widely accepted rumors that we’re taking as gospel for the upcoming 2019 Toyota Supra. First of all, the engine and chassis is a joint effort between BMW and Toyota. Prototypes of both have been spied separately, and most recently, even together with testing around the Nurburgring and in winter mode. Thanks to some leaked internal documents, we do know that Toyota won’t grace the Supra with a manual and will be automatic only, a sign of the times.  Only RWD variants have been seen testing.

As for power, the BMW B58, a turbocharged inline six found in a few of BMWs own lineup, is up rumored to be the engine that will pull double duty for the new Z4 and Supra. Yes, with power ranging from 322 HP and 332 lb-ft to 355 HP and 369 lb-ft it’s understandable to see why 335 HP would be a nice round number for this new Supra engine, but then again, nothing’s been confirmed from both sides.

What we do know for sure is that we’ll have all our questions answered on March 6, 2018, when Toyota announces the return of their legend as per the press release they dropped shortly after teasing its rear spoiler.

For what the Supra concept will actually look like, we only need to refer to the FT-1 design study which has been floating around in real life and in drawings for years now.

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So no, the new Supra won’t have exactly 335 HP. We’ll have to wait and see just a few more weeks for the exact number.


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