This allegedly stolen truck ditched police and a news chopper by driving into a Los Angeles Light railway tunnel.

If you desperately want to avoid getting caught by police, you’re going to try every trick in the book to shake police and outrun news choppers hovering above. According to KTLA news a driver and an accomplice pulled off one of the boldest moves seen in L.A. car chase history to avoid arrest by masterfully driving into the Gold line of L.A’s light rail system. As of this time they’ve got at least one suspect under arrest, but for a couple of minutes, he successfully evaded arrest. Check out that amazing bit of footage of the truck driving into a tunnel below!

The driver of the truck is initially being charged with robbery and grand theft auto of a stolen vehicle. After police identified the stolen vehicle in question, the driver failed to stop and instead choose to run. In the ensuing chase, the driver racked up a couple of other charges by driving onto sidewalks and opposing traffic. The driver even T-boned a taxi damaging the front of his truck as well as one of his wheels which caused white smoke to pour from his rear fender after the tire got into contact with the inner fender.

Then, in a moment of absolute desperation, the driver, as mentioned above, literally drove into a light rail train tunnel disappearing from view if but for a moment.

Travel on LA Metro’s light rail was immediately suspended but not before a pair of trains made their way into and out of the tunnel further confusing reporters covering the chase live and possibly police.

Although police vehicles didn’t follow the truck into the tunnel, police were stationed at nearby stations and a couple of officers made their way onto the tracks just in case both suspects booked it on foot.

A jogger in the area was spotted by both news choppers and police and was detained. Although it was a possibility that the driver could’ve changed into some kind of exercise outfit before escaping, it was later determined that this jogger was in fact just that…jogging.

Police, as of this time, did detain one suspect that’s believed to be the driver of the truck and are searching for his female accomplice.

Presumably, that stolen truck has yet to be recovered and is still on the train tracks underground.

This chase goes down in L.A. chase history as one of the more exciting ones for sure.



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