It looks like Sauber might be a potential dark horse for 2018 if their new C37 racecar has anything to say about it.

Sauber was dealt a rough hand for the 2017 race season with an older Ferrari engine and back of the grid performance but things are looking up for 2018. According to Sauber in an official press release they dropped earlier yesterday they’re poised to bring the fight for 2018 thanks to totally new aerodynamic philosophy and the latest engines from Ferrari. Also, Alfa Romeo has returned to Formula 1 after a 33-year hiatus as a technical partner but that’s a different story altogether. Check out a couple of shots of this beautiful potential dark horse for yourself below.

2018 saw the clarification of aerodynamic rules specifically addressing the area above the engine cover. With no sharkfins and t-wings allowed, almost all teams have had to evaluate their aerodynamic strategy. According to Sauber,

The C37 was built based on a new car philosophy, focusing on the aerodynamic concept that is different to that of the outgoing Sauber C36-Ferrari.

Most notable differences beyond the aforementioned aerodynamic eliminations include a two-tier air box intake with what looks like a quad roll hoop intakes.

Although unveiled in testing by other teams, this is also the first time we can see an aerodynamic fairing of sorts on the halo itself.

Out front, the nose takes its styling cues from Force India with two openings which are presumably there to clean up the front airflow a bit.

On the sidepod, we can see a pair of stacked intakes. Directly below the mirror is the smallest wing I’ve ever seen which should cut through and clean the air quite nicely.

The bargeboards are also noteworthy with a slight upsloping twist in them.

Emblazoned around the C37 are nods to Alfa Romeo including Alfa’s signature cloverleaf on the engine cover. Will see if it brings Sauber any additional luck.

Most importantly, in my opinion, is the engine. Jorg Zander, Technical director states that,

“We are positive that the new concept offers us more opportunities and will help us to make improvements during the course of the season. The 2018 Ferrari engine will also give us a boost in terms of our performance.”

With just a bit over a month to go until Melbourne, I’ll be keen to see just how fast this new Sauber is compared to its competition.

I have a feeling it’ll be a solid performer and a potential dark horse.


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