Japan meet organizer Hyper Meeting dropped some images and information on what’ll ultimately be an exhibition run of a Nissan Leaf competition car. But will it drift?

What do you do with a bunch of Nissan Leaf Nismo RC’s lying around? You hand them out to some racing drivers and let them do their thing. According to Hyper Meeting in a Facebook post they shared earlier today (Mar. 7, 2018) time attack driver and all-around ace racer Tarzan Yamada will pilot a Nissan Leaf Nismo RC at the latest Hyper Meeting event to be held at the famed Tsukuba raceway later this month. Check out the post for yourself below and revel in what looks like a Nissan Leaf pulling off a mad drift.

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC is a full-fledged racecar out of the box meant for grip racing. Compared to the stock Leaf, Nismo has made it wider, longer, and with a shorter wheelbase along with a 13-inch drop in height. Under the hood, they’ve rerouted power to the rear wheels and stripped weight by 40 percent. Speaking of power, the AC motor makes just 107 HP but 207 lb-ft of torque pretty much off the line.

If there’s anything you need to know about drifting and power it’s that torque reigns supreme hence the preference for honking V8’s or in this case, electric torque.

I didn’t query some of my Japanese friends to give a translation of their post, but just look at that photo! That Leaf is clearly drifting with bonafide drift smoke and everything. And if you’ll look in the interior, that big ‘ol stick in the middle has to be a hydraulic handbrake to lock up the rear wheels for quick skids. Here’s an interior shot of the Leaf NISMO RC from Motor Trend. See a drift stick in theirs? Nope, this Leaf’ll drift.

Drifting is drifting. It doesn’t matter what car you do it in. (Oh, geez that sounds straight out of a Fast and Furious film.) I’m sure some fans out their will lament hearing an engine banging off the rev limiter but if the drifts are sweet, I say let the EV’s drift!

I’ve added this story onto my, “Follow up” list so stay tuned to TireMeetsRoad after the 18th as I’m sure some videos will pop up on the internet showing what Tarzan Yamada can do to this Leaf.


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