Do you hate the fact that your Acura or Honda pipes exhaust noise through your speakers and want to disable it? Well here’s how!

Fake exhaust sounds. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people don’t even know their Acura or Honda is piping exhaust noise through the speakers in the first place. If you want to find out how to disable the fake noise, scroll down this article. Be aware that these instructions came courtesy of a 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec after a test drive so your instructions may vary.

Active noise control and active sound control work off the same system and module. According to Acura,

The two systems (ANC/ASC) are comprised of dual overhead microphones, an ANC/ASC electronic processor, and the audio system’s speakers. ASC/ANC operates whenever the engine is running, even if the audio system is turned off.

Just check out how awful it sounds in real life in the video below!

So here’s how to disable your ANC/ASC. As mentioned, keep in mind that some tutorials will tell you to snip your overhead microphone wires listening to in-cabin noises or to disconnect those mics. You do NOT need to do that.

  1. Locate your Active Noise Control Module. On the fifth gen Acura TLXs, the module can be found in the passenger side footwell underneath a panel. Your Acura or Honda may vary in location of this module so you might have to google around.
  2. Confirm what the module looks like. It’ll be a silver box and the P/N (part number) should contain some alphanumeric along the lines of TZ4 located in the middle. You can cross reference the part number on the bod to make sure that this is the right part you’re disconnecting. Here’s the ANC/ASC module on a TLX. In addition, you can cross-reference an Acura parts supplier to see if you’ve got the right part.
  3. Remove the wiring harness attached to the module, there should be a clip with a tab you can depress and slowly remove. That’s it.
    1. Note: Yes, your Bluetooth and voice commands will still work!

Have you completed all three steps above? Congrats, you can now enjoy your Honda or Acura with all that wonderful road noise and the sound of the engine as it should be, no electronic intervention needed.

Do you have anything to add? Is your Honda or Acura slightly different in disabling ANC/ASC? If so, comment below and I’ll update this article!

Happy motoring!


  1. I just took out a new TLX for a test drive and was appalled by the phony sounds. I’ll keep my 2012 until the wheels fall off thanks very much.

  2. This is something you’ll want to do if you plan to add an aftermarket subwoofer/amplifier to your vehicle as the ANC system interprets the new louder bass as road noise and tries to correct it resulting in weird noises and an unlistenable experience.


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