These low-life thieves really did steal all the wheels off the new 10th gen Honda Accord.

You’d think that with a set of factory wheel locks, your wheels would be safe if you park outside. Nope! According to Instagram user @Chipeoshow this Honda Accord parked outside in New York was spotted with all its wheels missing. Not only that, strewn among the lug nuts on each wheel was a special wheel lock unique to Honda vehicles and a factory option installed by the dealership. That means despite this particular owner being cautious enough to make sure he checked the “wheel locks option,” his wheels got stolen anyway. Check out the video below for yourself!

In the video you can see all the wheels off this brand new 2018 Honda Accord have been stolen in the same fashion as a rash of newer Honda Accords as of late. The wheel thieves didn’t even have the courtesy to drop the Accord on a set of bricks on each corner, or at the very least place some bricks in the center next to the side skirts. As mentioned, even the wheel locks were taken off. Wheellocks from the factory, although not a 100 percent sure way to keep your wheels safe, should deter thieves.

The simple fact is that these Honda Accord wheels are big money. A set of new Honda Accord wheels go for about $1,000, even more with tires still on them. That means when a wheel thief sees these particular wheels, all they see is dollar signs. A simple set of wheel locks won’t deter any thief if they’re determined enough and the reward is big. In all likelihood, thieves in that area have a set of keys for Honda wheel locks or just hammer them off with a flathead screwdriver.

The reposter of the video above does caution and advise any Honda Accord owner (or any car owner with nice wheels) to use multiple wheel lock sets for your wheels. If that means four different wheel locks, one for each wheel, so be it. The chances that a wheel thief will be able to take off all four kinds, although possible, does work in your favor statistically.

If you really don’t want your wheels from your Accord stolen, you can always swap in cheaper wheels that fit. Heck, even some equivalent sized steel wheels with hubcaps are better to park outside with then your expensive OEM alloys


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