This Minnesota¬†teenager failed her driver’s license test by driving into and through the exam station.

You can file this story under, “stories to tell your teen when they fail their own driver’s license test.” According to the Buffalo Minnesota police on a Facebook post earlier today (Mar. 22,2018) a 17-year-old teenager taking her driver’s license test the day before crashed into the building where the test was being administered at. After a preliminary investigation, it was revealed that she shifted her SUV into drive instead of reverse so when she stepped on the gas, she lurched into the building instead of reversing. Check out the aftermath photo below.

You’ll be glad to know that no one was hurt or seriously injured in the incident. Although the exam practitioner, a 60-year-old lady, was transported to a local hospital, she checked out OK.

Rest assured the exam practitioner has some kind of insurance that covers damages that can happen in situations like this because she’s going to need it. It goes without saying but the impact caused significant damage to the building presumably upwards of thousands of dollars. Since there was no maleficence¬†in the teenager’s actions, there are no charges pending.

Despite this being one of those worst case scenarios, this is hardly the worst that’s ever happened. According to a couple of Redditors willing to share their driver’s test stories, one Redditor had a pedestrian run in front of their car during her driving test. Although she hit the pedestrian, no fault of her own, she handled the situation like a champ by staying at the scene, administering first aid, and talking to police. Oh, yea. She also passed after continuing on with her test.

This Redditor had a friend who forgot to even put on her seat belt before the test began resulting in a big fat fail. That’s far worse in my book than crashing into a building.

Even though it’s a pretty awful situation for this Minnesota teen, she’ll take her drivers test soon enough, pass, and continue on with her life.

Rest assured she’ll have quite the story to tell to her children when it comes time to take their drivers test.


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