Shigero Saito aka Daigo Saito aka Diego Saito just wrecked his beautiful drift C6 Corvette ripping a mean one but that’s not the best part.

It sucks to see a drifter wreck a sweet build that’s not only different but downright bonkers. According to Daigo Saito off of Instagram and from the same video circulating around social media from earlier this weekend (Apr 2, 2018) not only did Daigo Saito wreck his drift Corvette in fantastic fashion, he also announced that the Corvette was illegally modified anyways, which begs the question, did Daigo Saito build us an insane build to have it sneak by tech without the power to be noticing? Anyways, check out the spectacular wreck for yourself below.

Round 1 of D1GP aka Formula Drift in Japan just kicked off and that means all the top drivers debuted their builds for this year. At the heart of Daigo Saito’s awesome C6 Corvette was a monster of an engine, a Mast Motorsports 427 ci “Big Boy” V8. Just look at a photo of that monster engine in that Corvette below! Thanks to its custom intake manifold sucking in monstrous amounts of air, a custom hood must be used, but boy does it look mean.

One can only guess, but these Mast Motorsport 427 engines are known to put out more than 800 HP in its naturally aspirated form on a race gas tune. That’s tremendous when it comes to having all that low-end torque and reliability that should last you through the season.

Anyhow, onto the crash. It looks like he judged the radius of the corner to be wider and longer than it really is and Daigo, unfortunately, hits the wall pretty hard. Later on in his post it looks like race officials got a closer look at his hood and deemed his car was illegal to begin with?

I crashed my brand new car this round and was looking forward to showing it more to everyone by driving it at the next round in Autopolis and hopefully do better but my new build doesn’t pass the tech for D1 because the hood is sticking out too much. I would have to modify the hood to be able to compete at Autopolis.
My intake manifold is specifically made and designed for the head and the motor that is under the hood so I will not be able to use a different intake manifold.
I wanted to build something extreme and drive it really hard but I guess its not excepted under D1s regs. I guess it is my fault.
Really sorry and would like to apologize to all of you that’s been looking forward to it.

Which is strange in and of itself because that would mean Daigo was trying to pull a fast one in front of the techs.

That’s beside the point I guess. The crash was pretty bad. Daigo wants to drift but would mean some major hood modifications will have to go down.

Hopefully, he isn’t shaken up at all and will get this ‘Vette drifting sooner rather than later!

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