EA games concept artist, Khyzyl Saleem, not only came up with and rendered this Nissan 300ZX aero kit, he’s collaborated with an actual producer to make it.

They stopped making the Nissan 300ZX in 2000 but with renewed interest from car enthusiasts for these golden age chassis’s, it’s aftermarket support is stronger than ever and this aero kit is proof. According to Nissan 300ZX enthusiast and, who I presume is an aero kit fabricator, @Pakmanz, off of his Instagram earlier yesterday (Apr. 15,2018) he’s getting ready to make, pending a few more reservation, a V2 of an aero kit that turns a normal 300ZX into a showstopper on the street and at a show. Check out a rendering of what this aero kit dubbed, PMZ-K V2 looks like below.





Keep in mind that these aero kit designs are in no way affiliated with EA or any video game, these are just the designs of a talented artist contributing back to the car community in one of the dopest ways possible.

From what I can see, this is a 12-piece aero kit that includes a front and back bumper, overfenders on all four corners, a pair of sideskirts for each side, and a gas cap cover.

Presumably, you’re going to already lower your Nissan 300ZX, and as the saying goes, lower the altitude and raise your attitude. This aero kit just heightens and accentuates the design language that the 300ZX already has.

The front bumper looks like one piece but incorporates a two-tier look with the lower lip tucking underneath the upper front bumper. Supporting and keeping the wide lower lip are two support rods, common with splitters.

A good aero kit, in my opinion, flows, and this one largely does with its fender and side skirts all following a similar body line. There’s what I assume is going to be a functional venting on the front wheel well.

The rear bumper continues a similar theme with the front bumper. Whereas some aero kits incorporate a diffuser to “clean” the air exiting the rear, this rear bumper tightens its look up, again, tucking underneath the top.

This aero kit was rendered in a red-orange with the color coming closer to red more than anything. Pair that color with a blacked out rear taillight section and this Nissan 300ZX, at least from the rear, channels its more exotic European competition, particularly the prancing horse one.

The final result is equal parts jaw-dropping and aggressive.

As of this writing, nine of the 20 orders needed to bring this kit to market have already been paid for with all 20 spots projected to fill up within this next week. At $3,500, this is one pricey kit but is par for the course for something this custom.

I love it. This isn’t your mama’s Rocket Bunny aero kit. No, no. This is something more exclusive and special.


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