This Miata owner’s dashcam captured this horrifying moment when a couple of kids in his Irvine neighborhood decided his Miata was a jungle gym.

When Joe Besougloff’s alarm went off on his Mazda Miata, he came out to discover many dents and dings on his hood and roof. According to his Facebook post he put up earlier yesterday (May 22,2018) his dashcam caught the entire event that triggered his alarm, a bunch of neighborhood kids with little regard for other people’s property using his car like it was a playground. Check out the offending video below! Just in case that video’s down, a copy can be found here.

The video shows the extent of the incident. A bunch of neighborhood kids in Irvine, California come upon Joe’s Miata parked on a residential street. Seeing the bright colors of his hood and the general “fun nature” of his wrap, these kids see it as an invitation to jump on it and go wild. Fortunately enough, Joe’s alarm triggers after one kid goes for it and jumps extra hard on the roof. Upon hearing the alarm, they all scatter away from his Miata.

According to the comments in the video posted above, Joe’s already contacted police and filed a report. Finding these kids shouldn’t be too hard as their more than likely locals.

It’s one thing for kids to cause a ruckus in a neighborhood but it’s another thing altogether when they don’t have the concept of respecting property that isn’t theirs.

Irvine, California is a relatively┬ásafe place to live in Orange County. With low crime, well to do residents, and a thriving economy, some parents might feel emboldened to let their kids roam around their neighborhood unattended. However, they’re also letting loose whatever bad parenting they’ve instilled in their children and that includes behavior like this.

Simply put, this guy’s car should be returned to whole, any damage repaired, and these kids handed out a firm punishment from the parents who’ll presumably be footing the bill.

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